KP Nails Plus



Manicure with OPI Gel Color $30
Manicure $20
French or American Manicure $20
Polish Change for Hands $8
Polish Change for Hands (French or American) $10
Gel French $25


Pedicure (Women) Signature Spa $35
Pedicure (Men) Signature spa $35
Add on French Polish $5
OPI SPA Pedicure $40
Deluxe spa $55 $47
Polish Change for Toes $15
Polish Change for Toes (French or American) $15
Signiture Spa pedicure ( REG) $35

Deep Hydrating Paraffin Treatment

Add-on with Manicure $10
3. OPI Spa Pedicure $40

- A classic pedicure clean-up with organic, scrub massage exfoliates dead skin cells before foot filing cooling mint mask & hot towels wrap, give in to the 7 min massage with lotion.

Nail Enhancement

Nail Enhancement

French tip $10
Gel Colors $25
Acrylic Full Set $50
Acrylic Fill-Ins $35
Acrylic Overlay $50

$35 and up

Sculpture Nails $60
Acrylic White Tip Full Set $55
Solar Nails Pink and White Full Set $65 $55
Solar Nails Pink Fill-Ins $40
Solar Nails Pink and White Fill-Ins $50
Liquid Gel Full Set $65
Dipping powder $45
Dipping Powder + manicure $60
Buff Add-On $5
Gel Add-On $15
Repair $3 & Up
Take Off $10
Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

1. Herbal Essence Spa Pedicure $70 $62

(with $10 off coupon) 

- Pamper yourself with our number 1 service. Herbal spa treatments are rich in natural ingredients for rejuvenation, smoothing, detoxing, and relaxing..., energizing spa experience. 

- The service includes basic pedicure plus hot towel. Give into 20 minus massage hot stone and paraffin wax.

2. Deluxe Spa Pedicure $55 $47

(with $10 off coupon)

- Deluxe spa pedicure is a fine powder from quality freshwater pearls. A spa with callus eliminator (option), sea salt glow massage to remove all dead skin, lavender & hot towels, give into 15 minutes with hot stone massage. It also improves blood circulation and the function of the immune system.

4. KP Nails Spa $30

The KP spa contains healthy ingredients, good for your skin. A foot clean-up, foot filing, sea salt scrub, hot towel wrap, and lotion massage.


- French tip $5

- Nails Designed $5 and up 

- Gel Colors $15 

- Gel French $20

5. Classic Manicure $20
6. Mint Spa Manicure $35
7. Deluxe Spa Manicure $40


Nails Designed $10 and up

$10 and up

OPI Spa Mani + Pedicure $80 $70
Deluxe Spa Mani + Pedicure $90 $80

French tip $5

Nails Designed $5 and up

Gel Colors $15
Gel French $20
Hot Stone $10
Paraffin WAX $10

* Diabetes or any medical concerns please read following


Just ask nail technician

Children Care

Children Care

(9 and under)
Manicure $10
Pedicure $20
Manicure and Pedicure $25


**We regret that we cannot offer waxing services to those who are using Retin-A, Acutane or Anti-biotics for the treatment of skin conditions. If you have sensitive skin, it is suggested that you wait 24 hours after waxing to expose the treated area to sun.
KP Nails will not be responsible for any damages to you garment, toe rings or lost jewelry.
Brows $10
Lip $7
Chin $10
Brow, Lip and Chin $25
Complete Face $35
Underarm $15
Full Arms and Hands $40
Bikini Line $30 & Up
Brazilian Bikini $45 & Up
Half Leg and Bikini Line $55 & Up
Full Leg and Bikini Line $70 & Up
Back $40 & Up
Chest $40 & Up